ActiTube Gold Extra Slim Carbon Filters 6mm (50 units)

For a cleaner and smoother experience

The ActiTube filters are now available in a more comfortable 6mm size, ideal for a tighter roll. For small herb rolls, the filters provide a cleaner and smoother experience.

When herbs go through an activated charcoal filter, most hazardous tars cling to the charcoal. This makes the herb smooth without compromising the quality of the roll. It also feels more robust with the 50% ‘FULL FLAVOR’ filling, and short puffs are enough to get a strong hit.

Product Features

Filters out harmful substances without altering the hit of the herbs

Smaller, more convenient filters for smoother and cleaner sessions

The narrowest of all ActiTube filters, and ideal for a tighter roll

Novel design with a smaller thickness

Feels more robust with a fuller flavor filling

Activated Carbon To The Rescue

This new format has arrived thanks to the demand of herb lovers for finer ActiTube filters. Now you can enjoy the usual ActiTube, but with a smaller thickness.

With this novel design, ActiTube no longer has two different sides. Now both are ceramic, and it doesn’t matter which side you choose to use. Inside they contain active carbon, which filters out harmful substances and leaves cleaner and smoother herbs without altering the hit of your relaxation sessions.

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