ActiTube Silver Slim Carbon Filters 7mm (50 units)

For a cleaner and smoother experience

ActiTube Carbon Filters 7mm are virtually odorless, enabling you to enjoy your herbs without interfering with the purity and scent of your rolls while you’re using them.

Product Features

Effectively filters out tar through a unique process

Practically odorless

Enjoy a truly authentic relaxation time

Slim and light filters

Sturdy and durable

Filtration That Makes a Notable Difference

Activated carbon filtration is truly wonderful, it traps all the unwanted chemicals so that you can enjoy pollutant-free products. And these ActiTube filters are highly efficient.

With the ActiTube active carbon slim filters, users enjoy their sessions for longer periods, making it less of a hustle to maintain them. For a highly-effective filter, it is surprisingly thin and light. The ceramic encasing adds a premium look and makes the filters more durable and sturdy.

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