The CRAFTY+ is a modern and stylish handheld vaporiser ideal for travel. This upgraded model can be controlled remotely using a smartphone, uses hybrid heating, and boasts a cooling system that generates silky smooth hits.

The CRAFTY+: High-Tech And Portable

The CRAFTY+ is the successor to the famous and much-loved original. The new and improved version features all of the best traits of its predecessor, along with an array of improvements that make the device even more pleasant to use. Storz & Bickel are known to infuse all of their vapes with German ingenuity and design quality. The CRAFTY+ is the smallest device in their range and is ideal for vaping on the go and while travelling. The satisfying ergonomic shape fits perfectly between the palm and four fingers.

The convenient shape also means it slides comfortably into most pockets and takes up almost no space when transported in a bag or rucksack. The new slick design has improved the grip and makes the vape even more comfortable to operate with one hand. When you’re ready to vape, turn it on, unfold the sturdy, straw-like mouthpiece and inhale away!


Perhaps the most impressive feature of the CRAFTY+ is the smartphone technology integration. The device can be instantly and remotely controlled using the Storz & Bickel Web app. Via a Bluetooth connection, users can accurately adjust several parameters to meet their personal preferences.

Variable temperature settings give users control over every hit and allow them to pinpoint desired chemical constituents. The beautifully simple one-button control system can be used to select three pre-set temperature settings. The CRAFTY+ also features a shortcut to its maximum temperature of 210°C; simply triple-press the power button.

The CRAFTY+ boasts gorgeous LED lights that ignite the heating pathway. Bright colours of red, pink, yellow, and blue provided a visually stunning show. It’s particularly impressive when used in a dark room.


The CRAFTY+ heats up 30% faster than the original model. It now only takes 60 seconds before a buttery smooth chamber-full of vapour is ready to greet the lungs. The impressive heating chamber can handle both dried flowers and concentrates with equal efficiency. The device uses a hybrid heating system that uses conduction (heating through direct contact) and convection (heating through warm air). This dual method of heating ensures nothing goes to waste while providing a smooth and pleasant experience.

After being heated, the vapour is made increasingly smooth by an ingenious cooling unit. Storz and Bickel crafted the unit from PEEK—a high-grade and heat-resistant plastic—which brings vapour down to a pleasant temperature.


The CRAFTY+ is the ultimate vaporizer for the road. The device brings style, class, and smooth vape wherever it goes. Its speedy heating time and compact body make it a perfect travel companion.


  • 1 CRAFTY+ Vaporizer
  • 1 USB-C Cable
  • 3 Normal Screens, small
  • 3 Coarse Screens, small
  • 3 Base Seal Ring, small
  • 1 Dosing Capsule
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions for Use
  • Safety Instructions


The new Crafty+ features a USB-C port for easy and faster charging as well as a ceramic-coated filling chamber (1,4 cm³) for easier cleaning and increased durability. 

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23 Dec 2021
Rudy T.
Heel snelle levering. Kwalitatieve vape ook !