Rawlbook 480 Natural Unrefined Tips in a Book

Get the Rawlbook 480 for a perfect blunt experience. It contains tearable sheets of chlorine-free, unrefined paper, ensuring smooth rolling without squaring. These tips prevent soggy ends, save product and fit any roll. Don't wait, get yours now!

The RAW Rawlbook 480 Natural Unrefined Tips in a Book is sure to serve everyone who likes to use a lot of tips for a perfect blunt. The book is filled with the classic original RAW tip paper laid out in precise tearable sheets made from naturally unrefined, chlorine-free paper. It is carefully cut with the grain to ensure that each tip rolls smoothly without “squaring.”

What’s more? These tips also prevent having a soggy, wet tip at the end of a roll. They are designed to save some of the product from being wasted or ending up in the mouth! Also, they will fit at the end of any roll and are a must-have for every user! So what are you waiting for?

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13 Jan 2022
Steffon Beasley
lots of tips, lots of fun