RAW Starter Box 1 1/4

RAW's starter box includes a selection of unbleached, vegan papers (Classic, Classic Black, Bio-Hanf) in 1¼ size, Single Wide papers, RAW Tips, Cone Tips, and Pre-Rolled Tips. Produced sustainably with wind power and no GMOs. Enjoy chemical-free rolling!

Great starter box from RAW which contains a selection of papers in size 1¼ and 3 tips variants from RAW. Everything packed in a metal tin – ready to roll! Specifically, the tin contains:
1 Booklet RAW Classic Papers 1¼
1 Booklet RAW Classic Black Papers 1¼
1 Booklet RAW Bio-Hanf Papers 1¼
1 Booklet RAW Classic Single Wide Papers
1 Booklet RAW Tips
1 Booklet RAW Cone Tips perforated
1 Box RAW Pre-Rolled Tips

Like all RAW products, the items included in this starter box are unbleached and made from all-natural, vegan raw fibres. With RAW you can always be sure that you are not smoking chemicals or chlorine.

It is also characteristic of RAW that attention is also paid to environmental friendliness and sustainability in production. For example, the energy required is generated solely by wind power. Furthermore, RAW never uses genetically modified organisms.

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