Elements Regular Slim Tips

Quality & Convenience at Your Fingertips

The Elements Regular Slim Tips are designed for people who like a firmer grip and more space between their lips and roll. The Elements Regular Slim Tips are the perfect companion to your rolling paper and are easy to use, especially for beginners. These slim filter tips are chlorine-free, unprocessed, and environmentally beneficial products.

Product Features

High-quality filter tips with unique features

Ensures a firmer grip and adequate space between the lips and the herb role

Chlorine-free slim fitters.

Environmental-friendly product


For Elements Of Protection

Elements is a brand well-known for the high quality of its smoking accessories. Soft fiber papers are used to make these narrow tips, which are then pressed with a fourdrinier paper machine for smooth rolling.

Elements Regular Slim Tips make it easier than ever to roll herbs! Elements designed these rolling tips to help prevent the herb roll filling from falling out and provide the user with just enough space. These paper tips are perfect for any premium rolling paper. One side has perforations to make rolling a preferred shape (“V” or “W”) easier.

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