Elements Red Connoisseur - Slow Burn Hemp Papers

Elements Red rolling papers are made of slow burning hemp, ideal for moister and denser smoking materials. They provide a perfect match for special materials. Each Elements Red Connoisseur booklet includes 33 papers (108mm x 44mm) and 34 filter tips.

Elements Red are made of slow burning hemp. Each sheet has about 30% more stored energy than our Elements rice papers, so Elements Red outperform with moister and denser smoking materials.

Whereas RAW Black is the thinnest, Elements Red goes the opposite direction; offering a thicker paper with the ability to burn your denser, moister materials without going out. It’s all a matter of matching the perfect paper to the perfect material, and super thin is not always better. True smoking aficionados understand that special materials need to be wed to special papers. Rolling paper is not a one-type-fits all type of product.

One booklet of Elements Red Connoisseur contains 33 papers with a length of 108 mm and a width of 44 mm. Including 34 filter tips.


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