Elements Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers

Elements King Size Slim rolling paper from the Spanish top brand Elements.

Elements rolling paper is real rice rolling paper. There is no hemp or wood involved! Ideal for those who do not want too much flow in their smoke. Slim Smoking rolling paper rolls pleasantly and smokes very pleasantly. A major advantage of rice flow is that it is unbleached. This means that no chemicals have been needed to make the paper white, which is better for your health.

Elements rolling paper makes use of the 4 elements as the name suggests:

  • Soil: The rolling paper is made from nature-friendly products such as rice and sugar and fires without giving ash.
  • Water: Each rolling paper has a Criss-cross watermark, so that the paper will burn evenly.
  • Wind: The entire development process uses wind energy.
  • Fire: The rolling papers of Elements are developed for fire and will not go out due to the watermark.

Content: 1 X 32 papers

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