Champ High Wooden/Metal Pipe

Introducing the Champ High Metal/Wooden Pipe: unique, durable, easy to use and clean. Keep your smoking experience safe and enjoyable. Perfect for you!

It Doesn't Get More Unique Than This

We have got the perfect pipe for you. One-of-a-kind, efficient, easy to clean, heat-resistant... it's got it all! We're talking about the Champ High Metal/Wooden Pipe.

Let's start with the looks. This exquisite product looks like a million bucks in its excellent and smooth finishing for its wooden and metal parts. 

The mouthpiece, bowl, and stem of these Champ High Metal/Wooden Pipes are made from high-quality metal. That assures that they will be durable enough to last for a long time for you. To ensure you don't get hurt by heat during use, the Champ High brand included a wooden sleeve to cover the metal stem of this pipe, so your fingers are kept safe during smoking. This is a brand that cares for its users.

The Champ High brand even included a pack of five screens for you to use while smoking. This simple addition will make all the difference to you as it'll prevent you from experiencing pull-throughs while smoking.

But what is a pull-through, anyway? Pull-through occurs when you pull too hard on the ash and herb while using your pipe, causing herb fragments to be drawn through the pipe stem and into your mouth. This incident has the potential to destroy your smoking bliss. Thankfully, the answer to this problem has been included in this product's pack.

Simple To Use. Easy To Clean

These pipes are very straightforward to use. Even if you're new to pipes and smoking, you'll figure them out in no time.

Another added perk is how easy it is to clean the Champ High Metal/Wooden Pipe. You can easily dismantle the different parts and thoroughly clean all the cracks and crevices. This product has no hard-to-reach spots, so cleaning will be a breeze for you.

They are also small and light enough to be carried wherever you go. All you have to do is make sure no residual herb is left in the pipe's bowl before you pack it for that road trip or vacation.

We can keep listing all these pipes' cool features, but we're sure you get it by now. These are simply the perfect pipes for you.

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