Apex Ancillary 6pc Pro Toolset

The Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set offers 6 durable stainless steel tools, meeting all session needs. With versatility and lightweight design, it sets a new standard in the game.

The Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set is a premium addition and your new best friend when working with multiple materials & consistencies during your sessions. We bring this set to you convinced each piece in it makes the most useful set on the market. Made with high-end and long-lasting materials, Apex Ancillary products give you the most complete qualities you need in one toolset.

For carving: The Shovel | Fan Favorite | Scimitar | The Oar.
Selected for their durability and wide use with different materials when carving, shaping, or trimming even in high temperatures.
For grabbing: The Claw | The Grip.
Heat-resistant pieces that give you a secure and firm hold to large materials. The Apex Ancillary Pro Tool Set also includes a sturdy silicone mat for clean handling.

The Apex Ancillary 6Pc Pro Toolset includes:
4 Apex Ancillary carving tools
2 Apex Ancillary grabbing tools
1 Silicone mat
1 Protective travel case.
Note: Carving tools include pointed parts, please keep them away from children.

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