X-Vape X-Max Vital Vaporizer

With the Wholesale XMax Vital Herb Vaporizer by XVAPE, you can fully maximize the herbs.

With its ceramic heating chamber, it evenly heats the herbs to give you only the best tasting vapor. The XMAX Vital has a large food-grade ceramic chamber holding about 1/3 gram of dried herbs. It is composed of high-quality materials and provides exceptional performance and airflow, outperforming its' competitors in the same price range. Its fashionable design is powered by a strong 2600mAh battery that heats up in just 15 seconds. The XMAX Vital’s remarkable 2500mAh built-in battery provides about 1 hour 30 minutes of vaping time on a full charge and can be recharged with the provided micro USB cable.

The Perfect Vaporizer

To turn on the gadget, press the power button three times in a row. The full digital control OLED panel provides a temperature range of 100°C-240°C (212°F-464°F) allowing you to tailor each vape session to your unique preferences. So, if you prefer airy vapor or thick, dense milky clouds, the XMax Vital vaporizer has them all covered. When you turn on the device, the temperature memory automatically returns it to the last temperature used. It also has an automatic shut-off feature that can be adjusted to five or 10 minutes. The X-Vape X-Max Vital Vaporizer Black is the ideal vaporizer for individuals looking for a great handheld vaporizer for their herbs on a budget.

Key Features

Battery capacity: 2200mah
Charging: Micro USB charging
OLED Display: Timer/setting temp/Power/current temp
On/Off: Press the Power button 3 seconds
Safety Power Duration: 5 minutes and 10 minutes optional
Heating Chamber: Ceramic with an embedded heating element
Temperature Range: 100℃-240℃ (212℉-464℉)

Content Of X-Vape X-Max Vital Vaporizer 

XMax Vital Vaporizer
Cleaning Brush
Cleaning Tool
Stirring tool
USB charger
User Manual

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