Purize 42 Conical XTRA Slim Size Carbon Filters

Super on one side, extra on the other! And not only that - it is also the shortest PURIZE activated carbon filter ever. Since our Conical measures 25mm in length, you can use it to build a perfect conical jibbit!

Coconut-based activated carbon significantly reduces the absorption of pollutants and gives you a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. These activated carbon filters are suitable for ALL types of roll-your-own! PURIZE Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and "Made in Germany".

The glass jar not only ensures that your filters are presented nicely, but also creates the best storage conditions for your filters and protects them perfectly from external influences. So you can enjoy your activated carbon filters for a long time and transport them carefree!

With these high quality activated carbon filters you can be sure that you are not only doing yourself and your health a favor, but also your environment.

Dimensions: ø 5.4 mm x ø 5.9 mm x 25.0 mm.
Filling: coconut-based activated carbon.
Contents: 42 Conical XTRA Slim Size

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