Purize 10 Pack Xtra Slim Carbon Filters

Get the best smoking experience with PURIZE® Filters with coconut-based activated carbon, suitable for all self-rolled, environmentally conscious, and made in Germany with ceramic end caps

Coconut-based activated carbon significantly reduces the harmful substances and provides you with a cool, dry and aromatic smoking experience that benefits your lungs. These activated carbon filters are suitable for ALL kinds of self-rolled! We also have something special for you when it comes to handling: since both end caps are made of ceramic, there is no need to pay attention to the direction of insertion and you may save yourself annoying "construction work". PURIZE Filters are made from environmentally conscious raw materials and are "Made in Germany".

Dimensions: ø 5,9 mm x 26,9 mm.
Filling: coconut-based activated carbon.

Suitable for all self-twisted
Noticeably milder smoking experience
High quality activated carbon
Best filter properties

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