Ice Cream Silicone Pipe

Perfect for having a lot of fun this summer!

Ice Cream Silicone Pipe

All those winters spent indoors with the heater wafting a familiar smell of pot can get old. But summer’s right around the corner, so it’s time to load up on paraphernalia that will take us back to our favorite season! Your Silicone Ice Cream Bong is colorful and easy to use—perfect for having a lot of fun this summer.

Ice Cream Silicone Pipe is made out of heat- and cold-resistant material. It can be stored in the freezer to enjoy a refreshing experience. The rubber is easy to clean because all the pieces come apart. The material, silicone, also makes it nearly indestructible or at least with a long lifespan. It’s very easy to take along due to its small size so you can use it and enjoy it anywhere.

To use it, fill the base with water and then place your chosen materials in the bowl. Finally, put the lid on and get to burning!

*Glow in the dark pipe: In Green the melted ice cream glows in the dark. It is important to recharge the glow before using it at night, the more natural light it absorbs the more glow in the dark it will offer.

Non-stick material
Bowl (included) Is Removable For Cleaning
Food Grade Silicone
Size: 120 x 133 mm
Durable & Reusable, easy to clean and operate good toughness, not easy to break

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