Champ High Wooden Metal Gold Grinder 60mm - 4 parts

Adding this 4-piece grinder to your collection will enhance the appearance and functionality of your smoking equipment. Gone are the days of plastic, single-chamber models.

Champ High - Aluminium/Wood Grinder: For Smokers With Good Taste

The Champ High Aluminum/Wood Grinder offers a sleek and highly aesthetic way to process dried herb.

The exterior of the piece is crafted from high-quality, dark brown wood, which is smooth and pleasant to the touch when operating. It also features a golden band of metal around the outside of the first chamber. This subtle yet sleek look works wonderfully to create an elegant and unobtrusive addition to your coffee table landscape.

The grinder is composed of 4 different pieces and 3 different compartments. Opening the wooden lid reveals the bright-gold-coloured aluminium interior of the grinding chamber. The anodised aluminum molars are super-strong and feature a diamond cut, effectively grinding dried herb into small pieces with ease. The addition of a nylon sliding ring prevents friction, which makes turning the grinder easy and reliable.

The processed cannabis flower then falls into a chamber below, which features a pollen sieve that can be easily removed for cleaning. The flower remains on the sieve whilst THC-rich kief falls into the final aluminum-lined chamber at the bottom of the piece. Kief can be removed with the spatula provided to add to joints and blunts, or to a collection jar.

The Champ High Aluminum/Wood Grinder is 60mm in diameter and 59mm in height. It arrives in a delivery gift box and is the perfect present for cannabis-loving friends and partners.

Champ High Aluminium/Wood Grinder data sheet
Height 59mm
Magnet Yes
Material Wood
Diameter 60mm
Number of parts 4
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