Champ High Zebra Square Metal Grinder 50mm - 4 parts

A High-Quality Grinder To Get You Excited

The Total Grinding Package

You are searching for an experience with a grinder that does everything it should in the right way and still find a way to be stylish while doing it. The Champ High Zebra Square Metal Grinder 50mm – 4 Parts is what you’re looking for.

Thanks to the teeth, this grinder makes short work of the buds in the first chamber and passes it down to the second chamber where it is sieved. You don’t have to stress at all. A few twists should have everything going great.

The third chamber is where things get interesting. That is the Kief chamber, where the tiniest, most ground parts of the buds are collected. These are strong enough to give you the hit of your life, and that’s why the grinder gathers them neatly in a separate chamber.

Product Features

A 4-part grinder that seamlessly does everything it should

Fitted with powerful teeth that make short work of herb buds

Simple, fast, and smooth grinding experience

Equipped with grinding, kief sieve, and collector chambers

Made of top-quality and long-lasting materials

Lightweight and portable

Eye-catching design with sleek corners and a zebra finish

A High-Quality Grinder To Get You Excited

This product is also made of top-quality materials that will stand the test of time. However, the high-grade metals employed in the making of this grinder still keep it light enough to be portable. It weighs about 0.193kg, and the design is one that you may want to show off to your friends. The sleek corners and the zebra finish would catch eyes any day.

A grinder is one relaxation equipment that every herb roll user should own, even bong users would benefit from owning a grinder. When the buds are ground, everything changes. The buds burn more completely, allowing even more of the good stuff to get to you.

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