Champ High Marble Square Metal Grinder 50mm - 4 parts

A Masterpiece From All Angles

The average herbs enthusiast knows how much of a difference a grinder makes to the herb’s buds put in a roll. The quality of the session is enhanced so much due to the consistency of the burning buds. Thanks to the evenness of the buds, you can expect a clean hit no matter how you drag.

Now, grinders are great, but when the geniuses at Champ High are involved, they become masterpieces. The Champ High Marble Square Metal Grinder 50mm – 4 Parts is one of those. It has all the features anyone could want from a grinder, presented in a stylish package.

Product Features

All the features a herb-lover wants in their grinder

Elegant package, friendly price

Sharp teeth that make light work of any herb buds

Creates evenly smooth and consistent results

4-part grinder with chambers for grinding, kief filter, and collection

Durable metal body with a marble black finish

Light and durable piece

Made to Create the Best Herb Rolls and Sessions

The best thing people love about grinders is their ease. No one would want a grinder that would require a lot of work to do its' job. That’s why this product has good teeth to grind up the buds to the perfect consistency.

The method of operation is also fantastic. It has four parts. The buds go into the first, where they are ground. The grinds go into the second layer where the kief is sieved out into the third layer. This keeps the precious kief separated for your discretion.

And all this functionality comes in a portable, durable package. It weighs about 0.193kg with a diameter of 50mm and is made of high-quality metal for increased durability. This baby won’t fall apart at a minor encounter.

The black marble-style decoration also gives it a sophisticated look.

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