Apex Ancillary The Pump

Easy cleaning on the go. The Pump is a high-end one-touch liquid dispenser. This ultra portable model made out of high-quality borosilicate glass with a closed design ensures no liquid evaporation or leaking.

Versatile design with a stainless-steel pump liquid dispenser and an airtight seal to ensure no waste and no evaporation of solutions which will save money and time. A push-down design keeps liquid contained to prevent leaking. The rounded top of Apex Ancillary The Pump Station works with cotton balls, swabs, brushes, etc. Bottle made with high-end borosilicate glass. A durable heat-resistant and non-toxic addition than can be added to any session thanks to its ideal on-the-go size. Apex Ancillary The Pump Station has the ideal size that goes and works anywhere sessions take place. Complement this set with the Apex Ancillary family of products. Cleaning solution is not included. Included mini funnel for easy pouring.

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